Our Instructors

Critical Skills Nonprofit instructors lend their time and expertise to provide communication and leadership skills training to those in need. Instructors at Critical Skills Nonprofit provide training of the highest quality to people who would otherwise be unlikely to receive communication and leadership skills training.

Geoffrey Tumlin

  • Founder and CEO of Mouthpeace Consulting LLC. President of On-Demand Leadership. Board Chair of Critical Skills Nonprofit.
  • Ph.D. and M.A. in communication from UT Austin. B.S. from West Point.
  • Teaches and consults widely throughout North America; writing has appeared in journals, textbooks, and newspapers.
  • Served as Assistant Director of Center for Ethical Leadership at UT Austin and infantry officer in Hawaii’s 25th Infantry Division.
  • Dissertation title: Communicating negative feedback in performance appraisal interviews: An experimental study.

Amy Schmisseur 10 214x300 Our People

Amy Schmisseur

  • Award-winning instructor at Mouthpeace Consulting LLC.
  • Ph.D. in communication from UT Austin.
  • Formerly a Professor at University of Kansas.
  • M.A. from Univ. of Cincinnati. B.A., with honors, from Ohio University.
  • Won top teaching awards at UT Austin.
  • Has repeatedly earned top honors for academic writing from the National Communication Association.
  • Dissertation title: Beyond the client service interaction: The emotional labor of change implementers.

Sean Lux

  • Assistant Professor of Marketing & Assistant Director of Center for Entrepreneurship at USF in Tampa.
  • Ph.D. in management from Florida State University. MBA from Univ. of South Florida.
  • Serves as entrepreneurial advisor for numerous start-ups, and as a business advisor for established for-profit organizations.
  • Actively involved in entrepreneurial and managerial research and writing.
  • Dissertation title: Nonmarket effects on strategic fit and performance: An economic institutional change perspective.

Cindi Long Red2Cindi Baldi

  • Instructor in the Department of Management at UT Austin.
  • Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the UT Austin. M.S. in Management and MBA from UT Austin. B.S. in business from UNC Wilmington.
  • Entrepreneur and business adviser; researches organizational identity and attractiveness.
  • Dissertation title: Attracting Employees: The lure of identification inducements in the external communication of new organizations